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Prairie du Chien Housing Needs Assessment


This assessment is the culmination of a year-long study by Community Development Alternatives, Inc, under contract with the City of Prairie du Chien.   The purpose of the study is “to identify housing trends, project housing needs to assist government, developers, and other private or public entities to develop or encourage development of housing, and to address identified needs.”


To complete the study, Community Development Alternatives, Inc assembled housing trend information from the State of Wisconsin Demographic Services and U.S. Census Bureau; conducted a Citywide housing survey of renters and homeowners; and met with several focus groups that deal with housing issues, including realtors, bankers, renters, landlords, social services, and other agencies.


The City of Prairie du Chien Common Council accepted the report at their meeting on July 7, 2009.  The completed report can be downloaded below.




7/7/09 Full Assessment - Large File! (PDF 3781kb)


7/7/09 Assessment without attachments (PDF 770kb)


7/7/09 Executive Summary with charts (PDF 243kb)