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Mission: To create innovative alternatives for local community development that represent responsible, compassionate, and progressive opportunities for the future. 

In reading through its mission statement, we find the idea where Community Development Alternatives begins.  The words mean something to the people who comprise the CDA staff: a philosophy of doing business that’s present in everything we do.


In creating “innovative alternatives,” we pride ourselves on developing personal but professional relationships with our clients that takes into account their unique circumstances.  Not every community or home owner can be treated like the last one.  Each has their special set of problems and singular array of opportunities that requires a different approach, an alternative solution.  In matching individual needs with specific solutions, CDA fulfills its mission.


As CDA’s reputation grows and our client base expands, we find ourselves exploring new landscapes of community and housing development.  Prospects for the future include more involvement with community planning and the creation of affordable housing.  The next phone call represents a new opportunity.


As we explore those new directions, CDA will bring to bear its considerable expertise in finding “opportunities for the future,” yet with a keen eye on where we began.  We invite you to explore our website and discover how we might help you.